She was born in 12/07/1984 in Tehran-Iran. Starting primary musical education from age 6 in music institutions in her born country Iran with Recorder Flute and at age 10 she chose Violin as her professional instrument. She entered to the Tehran’s music school at age 12 and completed her studies in European Classical music at age 18 and graduated from the music university at age 20. She was the member of Tehran Symphonic Orchestra frame age 17 for 7 years. Her career in singing was not grown in Iran due to Islamic lows of her birth country which forbids women to present and sing solo on public. Although she managed to mastered her trainings and skills in Iran in Traditional Persian singing field with her master Gholamreza Reazayi on Iran, but in 2016 she left her country to France to be able to open the ways to her singing career.  She sings with two music band  “Manushan” and “Atin” and she released four albums till now. Her distinctive feature is her style of singing which is a unique combination of different vocal techniques from Persian ,flamenco, jazz and classic singing stiles.

« Aida Nosrat » A free Voice  from Iran, an Artist who  left her country to sing. 

Patrick Labesse
Le Monde Magazine
16 January 2017 Paris